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About Us

PepperScript is a new-age publishing venture by Pumpkins Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Ever since its inception in April 2013,…
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Team PS

Team PepperScript is an enthusiastic package of young zealous individuals…
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How we work?

We at PepperScript treat your manuscript as our own child, nurturing it with our experts’ guidance and developing it…
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Why Us?

When it comes to choosing a publisher for your book, it is always a question of why one and not the other…
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What our authors have to say about us.

A publisher plays the main role in delivering the thoughts of an author to the readers. PepperScript, by duly fulfilling that purpose is making it’s contribution to the society. And for that I am very thankful.

Paras Haria

Author, 50 Formulae for a Successful Life

PepperScript believes in the dedication and sincerity of the author. The team believed in me and ‘The Unbreakable Law’ has done comfortably well.

Pragat Kasana

Author, The Unbreakable Law

When I thought nobody in my country believed in my characters and the journey was over, PepperScript showed utmost interest and faith in my writing. Team PS has been just and very hard working towards my very unique story.

Chamindra Warusawitharane

Author, Lost Voyagers