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50 Formulae for a successful life

Book Blurb


Our lifestyles have changed a lot in the last two decades. People are straining themselves in endless pursuit of something, even though they are often unable to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for. Ultimately, all we want is happiness and peace of mind. This book provides easy solutions to the trivial day to day problems that plague our lives today. Following these solutions will help ease things out and make life simpler, stress free and meaningful for each one of us. Real happiness and peace of mind are within everyone’s reach- all we have to do is make a conscious effort to find them.




50 Formulae for a Successful Life is a brilliant creation from the points of view of today’s environment and the author’s intention. I strongly believe this book has the potential to increase people’s confidence, boost their morale and help bring success and satisfaction into their lives. In one way or another, it will help you achieve your life’s goals. – Dr. Jeetendra Adhia, Author of all time bestseller ‘Spring of Inspiration’; Founder of Mind Training Institute, Ahmedabad


About the author


Paras Haria developed a love for disciplined living while pursuing his masters in business administration. After achieving considerable success in his own business, he undertook the Mind Power Trainers Course organised by the E Genie Mind Training Institute in Ahmedabad under the mentorship of Dr. Jeetendra Adhia. He wanted to use his skills and knowledge to help society. He has indeed helped transform thousands of lives through his seminars and workshops. This book is a culmination of all his life’s learning. He is confident that it will succeed in bringing positive changes into his readers’ lives