To tell a tale is to be kind, brave and smart at the same time.

As aptly quoted by the Publisher- Sanchit Goel, who truly believes in stories and that stories brought to life can actually make a difference, places PepperScript right in the hearts of many writers. Their dreams are not only shared by PepperScript, but also realized by her.


Our Authors and Poets

Yawar Hayat

Announcing Soon

Prabhanjan Mishra

Tinkon Ka Dil

Jayshree Misra Tripathi

Trips And Trials

Eric Wiberg


Matoof Khan


Prankur Arora

It's Not Funny

Naveen Durgaraju


Himanshu Goel


Ananya Dhawan

Dew & Daze

Madhav Rai

Anmol Khazana

Chamindra W.

Lost Voyagers

Pragat Kasana

The Unbreakable Law

Prateek Verma

The November Note

Sanchit Goel

The November Note

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