Do we have an in-house genre preference?
We are glad to clarify that at PepperScript, we encourage diversity of content. We sincerely believe that genres do not add value to stories, writers do!
How do I submit my manuscript?
Ideally, authors are expected to send us a brief introduction about themselves, the synopsis of the book and the first three chapters. At the initial stages, we do not require you to send in the entirety of your work. However, in your email, if you could explore a little bit about your journey and any pertinent specifications in regard to the publishing process, it would help us respond to you sooner.
How soon can I expect a response?
We notify our authors within forty-eight hours that we have received their submission and attempt to get back to them within two weeks. Our team puts in due diligence and the thoroughness with which we examine each submission, sometimes prolong the process. Rest assured, we try to reach a decision as soon as is possible!
Can I submit elsewhere if I have already submitted with PepperScript?
Yes, you are free to make submissions with other publishing houses.
What are the languages that I can submit in?
Submissions are accepted in all languages. However, there will be a difference in the how the packages will be availed. Although, they will still be open to customisation, there will be a slight difference in the price range.