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The November Note

In a known place, techie and funny, they were being played with, tossed during the days, huddled during the nights, stomach full of complaints, and souls earnestly desiring to make the imperfect alright. Two boys, minds so unlike, but there is something that ties. Midhansh and Sidhesh are busy crossing the labyrinth of engineering, young doers, believers of fate, or maybe not, dependent on luck and crazy lover boys. Their past comes back to them in the most unforeseen ways, with intentions so unsought. What different will November offer? Are mere notes made up of meaningless facts or is some sort of philosophy supposed to decide how one has to feel? Is there a better explanation to revenge?

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Safal Jeevan Ke 50 Sutre

Our lifestyles have changed a lot in the last two decades. People are straining themselves in endless pursuit of something, even though they are often unable to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for. Ultimately, all we want is happiness and peace of mind. This book provides easy solutions to the trivial day to day problems that plague our lives today. Following these solutions will help ease things out and make life simpler, stress free and meaningful for each one of us. Real happiness and peace of mind are within everyone’s reach- all we have to do is make a conscious effort to find them.

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I, Ruby, in this book appears to be a 25 year old woman with a mysterious past who lets 20 authors into her climax as they carve an intriguing end to the mystery. Was I the only inspiration behind them writing this story? Or was it you who occupied their heart while they bled words? Unmasked is what you shall see through the eyes of these 20 authors.

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