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In India, Pran Kumar Sharma’s comic book character, Chacha Chaudhary is a household name. He first featured in Lotpot magazine in 1971 and ever since then, he became a favourite among the children. No train journey could be made without new copies of Chacha Chaudhary being bought from the railway station vendors. The wise old man much akin to the wise old men in all our houses was relatable and quirky all at the same time. However, as we grew up, and comic books were replaced by smartphones, Chacha Chaudhary became a distant and fond memory which has now become reminiscent of simpler times.

This Comiclog is an ode to childhood, the glorious past and the wonderful artist, Pran Kumar Sharma. He used to sign off every issue with the line, “If I can make one person happy, will consider my mission complete.” He did just that, and not just one person, he made an entire generation happy with his amazing comics.

Here is a tour back into our childhood hero’s life:

  • Chacha Chaudhary-  He was the coolest old man I had ever known. He wore a signature red turban and a black waistcoat, accompanied by his wooden walking stick. What made Chacha Chaudhary so cool was not just his stellar intelligence, it was also his carefree attitude towards life. He made the world a better place, one good deed at a time and lived without any fear or malice. He gave out the message of selfless service to the society by defeating those villains who threatened the security of the world.


  • Bini Chachi- She is Chacha Ji’s better half. She is a lovable character and is we easily see the glimpses of our mothers in her. While she dutifully takes care of Chacha Ji and Sabu, she never misses a chance to nag Chacha Ji about how he doesn’t buy her gold bangles. She is the dominant one of the two, and Chacha Ji, being the smarter one, simply goes for a walk when another nagging session starts. Bini Chachi is not a submissive woman, she takes charge and often beats up goons and thugs with her belan (rolling pin). Bini Chachi is super badass!



  • Sabu- He is probably as popular with us 80s and 90s kid as Chacha Chaudhary himself. Sabu is Chacha Ji’s gigantic sidekick from Jupiter. He decided to stay back on the Earth once he had Bini Chachi’s delicious paratha and halwa. He might not possess Chacha Chaudhary-like brains and wits, but he has a good heart which compels him to accompany Chacha Ji in his good deeds. He is known to eat 108 chapatis, 12 kilos of halwa, and about 20 litres of lassi in one meal. It is a well-known fact that when Sabu gets angry, a volcano erupts somewhere in Jupiter. Wouldn’t want to make him angry, would we?


  • Rocket (Raaket)– Rocket is Chacha Chaudhary’s faithful dog. Chacha Ji adopted him off the streets. Like Master, Like Rocket. Rocket fights goons, thieves and thugs just like Chacha Ji and Sabu. This is what led Bini Chachi get over her initial apprehension about keeping a dog. Her perception changed when Rocket attacked the burglars who broke into the Choudhary household. Rocket is known as the only vegetarian dog in the world, popularly by the saying, “Chacha Chaudhary ka kutaa ssurrlup ssurrlup doodh peeta hai”

  • The Villains- Chacha Chaudhary is known to have duelled a wide array of villains, with either help from Sabu and/or Rocket or with the help of his mental prowess. These villains include thieves, burglars, local goons, corrupt officials and politicians and what not. Chacha Ji has taken the duty of making the society a livable place for its citizens.


This walk down the memory lane made us want to scrounge for our old copies of Pran’s Chacha Choudhary and once again immerse in the world of Chacha Ji and his adventures. And you?

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