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CN Remix

Courage is a dog with a personality as contradictory as his name. He’s a scrawny little canine with a big paranoia problem – he’s frightened and suspicious of anything out-of-the ordinary. And in his owners’ farmhouse in the middle of Nowhere, USA, nothing is ordinary!

By all appearances, Dexter is your typical boy. Your typical pointy-boot wearing, lab-coat sporting, indistinguishably European-sounding three-foot-tallboy. But the diminutive Dexter stands heads-and-shoulders above his peers–when it comes to science, that is.

Ed, Edd n Eddy are collectively known as “The Eds”. Ed likes “B” monster movies and model kits, and doesn’t bathe much. Edd (a.k.a. “Double D”) is smart, very neat and unnaturally polite. Eddy is the impetuous leader of the Eds and loves being the center of attention.

Underneath all those muscles, there is a boy wanting to keep on playing. His favourite toys are now those collectables every grown-up boy wants to have. Luxury and entertainment forever. His eternal playroom and fun objects.

Jack knows this could be the end. Our hero surveys the landscape before him and sees the frozen remains of those who have fallen before him, a chilling glimpse at his own fate should he fail in his mission. But he cannot fail. He must reach the tower that houses what he seeks, a mystical well that could be his way out of this foreign time and place.

The girls were created by Professor Utonium out of “sugar, spice and everything nice”. The Powerpuff Girls from “Bought and Scold.” as well as the accidental addition of Chemical X, due to being accidentally bumped by his then lab assistant, Jojo, (later to become the evil villain Mojo Jojo.)


Asli maza SAB ke sath aata hai!

SAB Ke Comics

Chidiya Ghar: Chidiyaghar is a show where all the characters have unique animal character traits. Where Babuji Kesari Narayan the lion or head of the family has 3 sons Ghotak, Goumukh & Kapi and 3 daughter in laws – Koyal, Mayuri & Chuhiya and a very dear servant Gadha Prasad his wife Nagin his brother Maindhak Prasad. The show highlights the day to day happenings with a touch of humor through the animal traits in the characters.

Baalveer: Baalveer is a kids super hero who has been endowed by powers from Parilok and its main Pari Rani Pari. He keeps facing constant challenges from Bhayankar Log and Bhayanak pari. However, he resides with Meher and Manav on earth to help them face Montu their tormentor. The Show sees advent of multiple evil powers supported by Bhayankar Pari where Baalveer saves kids on earth.

FIR: A Haryanvi Lady cop and her Hawaldars solve interesting cases from unique complainants. Chandramukhi Chautala works with Bajrang Pandey and her Hawaldars – a old hawaldar named Gopi who likes reading newspapers, another Billu who has the habit of forgetting things and Gulgule who get ideas for solving cases and gets beaten up by Chandramukhi Chautala often.

Lapataganj: An old village set up where the protagonist Mukundi a government servant and other villagers cope with the ever changing times. Unique characters played by Mamaji, Biji Pandey, Mishri Mausi, Lallanji, Kachua Chacha give an indian feel of the lost village Lapataganj.

Jeannie Aur Juju: A pilot gets stranded on an island post a plane crash and happens to rub a lamp and find Jeannie who is rescued from her lamp by her Juju. Jeannie Loves her Juju and would do anything to make him happy while Juju (Vicky) is in love with his bosses daughter Priya. The show revolves around Jeannie’s Mischiefs getting Juju into trouble.