About Project Hope

What is Hope? What inspires you to be resilient when the world offers you uncertainty? We look for these answers in building our own answer. At the conjecture of these challenging times and keeping all the adversities in perspective, we all seek hope. Hope is truly an emotion to pull through these feelings of uncertainty. We have to fight through despair to achieve a sense of growth. It is one of the purest acts of resilience in times like these: to be able to cultivate hope. In an attempt to achieve, we bring you Project Hope.

Project Hope is an effort to pull through these feelings of uncertainty and bring us all together through commonly observed desperate, despaired times. HOPE is a collection of stories based on true events and experiences from the pandemic and that is ambitious enough to further inspire the arthly people to grow and never stop looking forward to better days. HOPE is a tribute to our loved ones who are fighting and have also fought hard against the deadly virus. Their battles have left us with strength and resilience to build a better place. HOPE is our gratitude towards thousands of people who put their self-interest behind to offer a helping hand to strangers; a duty served as a true Indian and a true human being. HOPE is everything we needed yesterday, we need today and will need tomorrow. If you have such a story to share with the world, you’re in the right place. We realize that this is personal, but personal is what the public needs now.

Would You Like to Offer Your Literary interpretation to hope ?

Understanding Hope

Robert H. Schuller once said, “Let your hope, not your hurts, shape your future.”

Hope is not just an emotion of positivity but of warmth and of knowing that something bright would follow the darkest days. When we define hope, we are not just optimists. We are learning to be realists in a world full of idealists. We concur and accept those battles we have had to fight; whether they point to being courageous to just get out of bed or working through long nights to survive the economic crunches.

Hope can be whatever you want it to be, can be wherever you can find it and can be your resource to an outlet to acknowledge, contain and preserve your meaning of life.

This is what we think hope is. You have the chance to interpret it for yourself and share it with the world!

Fostering Hope

In the last two years, everything we knew has been altered. We are no longer accustomed to the way life used to be. There are inevitable changes we cannot undo. For example, one cannot walk the streets without wearing a mask anymore. On several days, sudden paranoia hits when the lockdown begins affecting one’s reality as well as mental health. But, most of all, the burden of an overbearing sense of loss and helplessness.

We, at Pepperscript, ourselves felt distressed to begin talking about these conditions at first. Silence filled the gaps of conversations and everybody thought that soon there would be a new normal. Except, it did not last long enough to heal us. The despair of 2020 converted into an even worse version of it in 2021. The only thing that remains unchanged was carrying a sense of hope and meaning despite it all. We are human and our thoughts serve the purpose of making us think beyond our means and learn to look up and hope for a better tomorrow

This is what cultivated the idea of putting together a book that would collectively reflect what changed and how our human experiences have taught us to transcend travails and learn to be resilient through adversity.

Why Hope?

It is the story all of us share, yet there is a certain expectation attached to it and we understand. When you contribute to building this book: it transpires all those different emotions and what brought us beyond them, too.

  • - Pay tribute to those you’ve lost and immortalise their memory forever, or simply appreciate someone you saw struggling and come out on top, tell them that they’ve won and that you’re proud, or just write your tears down on paper, let the world read and empathize.

  • - By sharing your story, you become a published author with us.

  • - All those writers whose stories get selected and become a part of the printed version, get a free copy of the book.

  • - The published authors will also receive 10% of sales influenced by them.

  • - Soon, we will also reach out to you for a podcast episode and interview you, and take your story to the world via the audio format.

  • - The book will be published in both print and digital formats.


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