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India is growing exponentially. The world has its eye set upon India as an emerging global power and a country developing at a fast pace. However, India is plagued with an array of issues that we still live with, even after 71 long years of Independence. It is the time we address them and build a progressive community which finds and implements the solutions to become a truly developed country.

Here are some brilliant comic strips which investigate the social situation in India from a closer perspective.


  1. Racism: Generally, we do not associate the idea of Racism with the Indian Subcontinent. However, in our blissful oblivion, we Indians have strong racist ideas that colour our perception and judgement. A major chunk of the Indian population still fails to accept the north-eastern population as native Indians. They are stereotyped as an alien entity and stigmatised by all the twisted prejudices. Also, we have a fixation on skin colours. In most households, children grow up hearing how ‘fair is beautiful.’ The beauty standards have been moulded to mean fair. India is a country of brown-skinned men and women. So where did this idea originate? It can majorly be traced back to colonisation. I think we can all agree that after 71 years of colonialism-free India, we ought to get rid of these racial prejudices. Here’s a cartoon by Lakshman’s Cartoons that shows us the rampant racism in India.


  1. The Misguided Notions of Feminism: How often have we heard the phrase, ‘ghar mein maa behen nahi hai kya?’ being thrown around. If you have been living under a shell then it is my duty to inform you the idea behind this phrase. It requires men to refrain from abusing, stalking, molesting, groping (..honestly this can take forever) women because the women are someone’s mothers and sisters like the offenders’ mothers and sisters back home. This reference to their family is supposed to be the secret weapon unleashed onto them to prevent them from committing all the ungodly and wait, also criminal offences. How about we teach everyone to respect all ‘people’ and how about we include women in those ‘people’? 

Cartoon by Sanitary Panels

3. The environment of intolerance: The new age teaches us to ‘agree to disagree.’ However, in our country, we are too hesitant to embrace the idea. The mob mentality rapidly germinating in our country leads to the branding of all different opinions as dissent. It is not just the branding, it leads to horrendous crimes against humanity and loss of valuable human lives. We need to learn to coexist as proud citizens of a land of a rich heritage of diverse cultures, languages, ethnicities and religious faiths.

Cartoon by Kanika Mishra

4. Breach of Privacy: So often, we come across instances where the social media drills too deep into an individual’s personal space. This has been seen in numerous cases when social media has been used as a tool to circulate untrue and out of context information and pictures of individuals. This probe into people’s lives should be done in a very professional manner so that it does not take the form of harassment.

Cartoon by Kanika Mishra

5. Deviation from the real problems: It is not unusual for the government to turn a blind eye towards the public’s expectations and forget their false promises bartered for the influx of votes. While the media spreads awareness about the issues of the day, the masses forget a significant issue as soon as something else comes up. The elected officials prosper due to this short-lived memory span. While it turns a blind eye to the most harrowing problems of the day, the government has tied its shoelaces and is all set to unleash moral policing as a brutal force.

Cartoon by Inedible India

The Indian cartoonists have surely stepped up their game to prove that comics’ purpose is not just to provide comic relief, they can play a vital role is social critique and help us make India the best it can be!