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Lost Voyagers

Book Blurb


A wedding and a disaster that first appeared to separate the two sisters, Rain and Bliss bring them together to embark on a journey of many miles with their beloved protector and friend, Pandora the ‘Sky Monarch’. During the journey they meet many friends and ‘foes’, fall in and out of love, learn to communicate with the many species of their world and grow in strength and character along with their friends and foes. Will they reach their destination before their foes reach theirs and ruin the girls’ own plans? Will they survive the perilous journey in a drought affected land where Sand Ghouls and White leopards roam forever hungry for prey?




“A new author marching to the beat of a different drummer. Three cheers for the courage to differ from the norm and be original and creative.” – Capt. Elmo Jayawardena, Winner of Gratien Award and State Literary Award


About the author
Chamindra lives in a small town in her native Sri Lanka. She is a Senior Executive – Corporate Communication by profession. When she is not working or taking long walks, she writes stories set in bizarre lands full of curious characters. She took the rare chance to publish her novel in India and is overjoyed. She would like to make writing her full time job.