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Pepperscript Direct Publishing

What is PDP?

PDP or Pepperscript Direct Publishing is a self-serve self-publishing format designed by Pepperscript to help writers gain control and full transparency of the publishing of their book. With PDP you only pay for what you want and still get the highest quality service from the Pepperscript team. Pepperscript guarantees you profitable ROI if your book is sellable and you are willing to make it work. And if this is your first-book, PDP is exactly what you need as we will open up so many doors for your future.

With PDP- genre and category is no bar, so is the author’s age or gender. Even though PDP is active for the English language only, we will open up the platform for other languages very soon.

PDP is literally the most transparent, affordable and rewarding publishing platform for new writers. Did we forget to mention ‘simplest’?

Our Mission

Our mission is to publish a thousand new-age Indian books authored by people who are artists at heart and entrepreneurs in mind.


Once you signup on PDP in 4 simple steps you can ‘Publish Your Book' :

Step 1 - Paperback Details

Just enter the basic details of your book like Title and Author Name, accept the Terms & Conditions, which basically is the contract between you (The Author) and us (The Publisher).

Step 2 - Paperback Content

Upload your manuscript.

Step 3 - Our proposal

Correctly select the bracket with the no. of words in your manuscript and the no. of books you are confident about. For new authors, our suggestion is to go for a lower number. You can always publish more, but you cannot unpublish. Once, you have input the numbers, our system will design a proposal for you inclusive of your investment and your return.

Step 4 - Publish your book

Once you accept our offer by confirming, you will be prompted to pay. As soon as your payment is made, your manuscript will be submitted for evaluation and publishing.

Congratulations as you would’ve taken the first step towards becoming a published writer, and Pepperscript will be with you throughout this journey.

We Hassle. You Hustle.